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The Westmead Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine has a long history of local and collaborative research. It is our mission to perform patient-centred clinical perioperative research. Our research is closely linked to our clinical perioperative practice, which includes patients undergoing diagnostic, interventional, surgical and/or obstetric procedures. It focusses on improving outcomes through reducing complications and improving the patient's experience in their perioperative journey. Our research needs to be of the highest possible quality and will adhere to (inter)national standards and ethical principles.

We aim to engage our clinical staff (both medical and nursing) in our research projects. We actively collaborate with clinicians and researchers within the Western Sydney Local Health District, the Westmead Health Precinct, as well as with regional, national and international partners.

We support our researchers in developing a career that accommodates an optimal combination of clinical care and research, that is sustainable in the long-term. By developing and maintaining a critical mass of clinician-researchers in our department we further build on our academic reputation, and as such improve our attractiveness for excellent clinicians and researchers.

Our department has a full time Research Coordinator and will soon appoint a part-time data-scientist. Regular Research Meetings provide a forum to discuss local research projects and get input from experienced clinician researchers. There are two Audit Supervisors who support trainees achieve their scholar role goals.

Each year, we offer a Research Provisional Fellowship position. This fellowship that has dedicated research time, which makes it a great opportunity to kick-start your own research project and a higher academic degree. For more information on this fellowship, please email A/Prof Stefan Dieleman.

Stefan Dieleman

21 Mar 2021


The team


Research coordinators

  • Elle Clark-Mackay
  • Louise Cope

Stefan Dieleman

15 Dec 2019


Themes and projects

Management and outcomes in high-risk patients

  • TextPOPS study —Farheen Ali
  • Westmead Hospital Perioperative Medicine Service: Outcomes for High-risk Surgical Patients —Mahdav Pendyala

Effects of Perioperative Interventions on Sleep Quality

  • OSA & Ketamine —Viraj Siriwardana
  • PADDI Sleep substudy —Richard Halliwell

Cardiac Anaesthesia

  • Optimising Peri-procedural Care for Patients in the Electrophysiology Lab —Adam Eslick, Stefan Dieleman

Improving Management of Acute & Chronic Pain

  • IMAPP study —Alan Bullingham
  • Acute Pain Management in Patient with Chest Injuries —Alan Yam

Implementing Decision Support in the Operating Theatre Environment

  • Brenton Sanderson

Perioperative Inflammation

  • Stefan Dieleman

Participating site for ANZCA Clinical Trial Network studies

Stefan Dieleman

21 Mar 2021


Recent grants

  • 2021 WSLHD Research and Education Network New Investigator Project Grant ($50,000; Katherine Phillips)
  • 2019 National Blood Authority Research Scholarship ($30,000 for 1 year; Brenton Sanderson)
  • 2019 ANZCA Project Grant & Scholarship ($130,000 for 2 years; Brenton Sanderson)
  • 2018 ANZCA Novice Investigator Grant ($19,244; Viraj Siriwardana)
  • 2014 ANZCA Novice Investigator Grant ($15,000; Natalie Kruit, Jeremy Field) for A prospective study of the relation between perioperative condition and disability after cardiac surgery

Stefan Dieleman

06 Apr 2021



Since 2015


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Stefan Dieleman

15 Dec 2019