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Westmead Department of Anaesthesia has a long history of anaesthesia research. More can be read on the research page.

For 2021 we are offering a provisional fellow position in anaesthesia research.

The research fellow position is for a trainee in their fifth-year of ANZCA training.

The division of time between clinical and academic responsibilities will be approximately 50% each.

Academic responsibilities will comprise, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Participation in the conduct of established clinical trials.
  • Education (including self-directed) in research specific areas such as statistics, ethics, trial design, database principles.
  • With mentorship and support, development of new trial(s) in the fellow's own area of interest.
  • Authorship and co-authorship of papers (such as clinical trials, audits, case reports, review article) in peer reviewed journals.
  • Facilitate and promote the recruitment and consent of patents into trials. This may be via direct contact or other methods of promotion within the department or other areas of the hospital or WSLHD.
  • Participation and attendance at department research meetings.
  • Participation in a significant audit
  • Presentation of research work that the fellow has contributed to at a major meeting (at state level or better).
  • Attendance at the Clinical Trials Network annual research meeting (usually held in August).
  • Completion of Good Clinical Practice certification (usually by online course).
  • Potential research collaboration with other departments in the hospital and WSLHD.

Clinical work

This can be arranged to be in subspecialty areas of interest of the fellow. This will also depend on the clinical requirements of the department. The research fellow is required to participate (like the other fellows) in the after-hours roster (including nights and weekends).

Supervision and assessment

  • Academic performance will be to Dr Richard Halliwell or delegate.
  • Clinical performance will be to the Head of Department or delegate.
  • ANZCA training responsibilities will be to a departmental Supervisor of Training.

For more information, please email Assoc Prof Stefan Dieleman.

Stefan Dieleman & Richard Halliwell

10 Jan 2020