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Acute pain service

The Acute Pain Service at Westmead Hospital provides 7day a week, 24 hour a day service. The patients we review are predominantly trauma and surgical patients however we also see medical and palliative patients at treating team's requests. The daily APS team consists of an Anaesthetic Consultant, Registrar, Resident and nurse.

Our goal is provide effective and safe analgesia to all patients in our hospital. The modalities we commonly utilise are PCAs, Epidural infusions, Ketamine Infusions, Peripheral nerve block infusions and multi modal oral regimes. We also provide procedural pain management to facilitate minor procedures being performed on ward areas whilst ensuring optimal analgesia for the patient.

Procedures for all our commonly used modalities are kept current and can be found on the Policy and Procedures site on the LHD intranet using the word "pain" in the search.

Suzanne Pagett

15 Feb 2018