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Acting Director Dr Mark Priestley

Department Executive

  • Dr Mark Priestley
  • Dr Susan Voss
  • Dr Adam Eslick
  • Dr Clare Farrell
  • Dr Jonathan Gibson
  • Dr John Harrison
  • Dr Ross Keen
  • Dr Gerri Khong
  • Dr Jessie Ly
  • Dr Nicole Phillips
  • Dr Pete Smith
  • Dr Steve Williams
  • Dr Tom Dzioba (registrar)
  • Dr Kanan Shah (registrar)

Clinical Coordinator Dr Susan Voss

Supervisors of Training

  • Dr Nicole Phillips
  • Dr Adam Eslick
  • Dr Giles Miller
  • Dr Emily Wilcox

AIMS and Quality Assurance Dr Mark Lovell

Primary exam teaching

  • Dr Jessie Ly
  • Dr Steve Williams
  • and colleagues

Research Coordinator Ms Louise Cope

Administrative Staff

  • Ms Kris Hamilton
  • Mrs Ranita Kissan
  • Ms Jennifer Murray


Provisional Fellows


Nurse Unit Managers

  • Mrs Alexandra Allen (Anaesthesia)
  • Mr Trevor Court (Recovery)


  • Mr Ray Miraziz
  • Ms Grace Agbulos
  • Ms Rona Steel
  • Ms Monique Brouwer

18 Apr 2018