The Department has an active research program and has been a key contributor to important studies such as:

  • BALANCED (RCT comparing two different levels of generl anaesthesia)
  • ITACS (RCT of IV iron before cardiac surgery)
  • PADDI (RCT of introp dexamethasone on wouond infection)
  • ROCKET (rct of ketamine on chronic post surgicla pain)

The department has been involved in past major trials such as ENIGMA I and II, POISE I and II, VISION

Further information is on the Research Resources page and the Clinical trials page

The main research areas are:

  1. Department developed studies. These are in-house initiated and run.
  2. NHMRC multicentre studies, such as ANZCA Clinicla Trials Network trials.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry sponsored clinical trials. These are typically phase 2 or 3 trials in the areas of pain and anaesthesia.

Dr Richard Halliwell is a member of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive.

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