Trauma Anaesthesia Provisional Fellowship 2018

Structure of Average working month 

- Anaesthesia for both in and out of hours, elective and emergency cases on a 5 day scheduled Week.

- Weekend Shifts typically 1 Saturday/ Sunday per month* 

- Nights 7 x 10 hour shifts typically 5  weeks per year*

- Daily List focus: 

    1 Day of Trauma Service Attachment

    1-2 Days of preferences lists

    2 Days Service provision

    1 Day a fortnight for Administrative/ Research work*

- Trauma focus: 

    1 day a week attached to the Westmead Trauma Service (with occasional 5 day week attachments*).

    Duties to attend Trauma calls as the primary Anaesthetist for airway management / critical care support during assessment, transport and disposition of care for Major Trauma.

    Provision of Analgesia for trauma patients (in liaison with Acute pain service) including performance of Thoracic regional anaesthesia (Thoracic Epidurals, Serratus Anterior Blocks) for Rib fracture patients.

Department Education

- Both formal and informal Teaching sessions (eg: for exam / intern / nursing education etc.)

- Quality Assurance: Attendance at  Trauma and Anaesthesia morbidity / mortality meetings

- Presentations at Combined Trauma / Anaesthesia grand rounds presentations

 Co-ordinate Educational events with other Hospital Specialities.

Educational Goals 

- Trauma patient evaluation.

- Advanced Airway management skills (AFOI / CICO training)

- Resuscitation skills (ACLS /ATLS)

- Interpretation and performance of diagnostic imaging (Trauma Series Radiological scans FAST, Echocardiography TTE/TOE), 

- Provision of general and regional anaesthesia for a range of elective and emergency trauma cases, including neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, Maxillofacial, Plastics, Orthopaedic.  

- Provision of post-operative analgesia including Thoracic Regional analgesia for chest Trauma/ limb Blocks. 

- Haemodynamic and respiratory monitoring and care

- Simple surgical procedures (e.g. cricothyroidotomy, intercostal tube thoracostomy).

- Management of massive transfusions, and knowledge of transfusion medicine. 

*As per service provision / availability of staff rostering

- Joey Byrne (PF)

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