Obstetric Anaesthesia Provisional Fellowship 2018

Westmead Hospital is the tertiary referral hospital for a greater part of Western Sydney as well as for a large part of western NSW. With over 5,500 deliveries per year, it is the largest obstetric unit in NSW. Being located adjacent to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, it also accepts referrals for deliveries involving fetuses with complex congenital conditions requiring prompt surgical management upon delivery. The Obstetric Anaesthesia fellowship is a one year ANZCA accredited fellowship centered around the planning and management of both routine and high risk obstetric care. The fellow will be involved in the multi-disciplinary coordination and oversight of care for a diverse group of high risk obstetric patients. 

Clinical aspects of fellowship

- The Obstetric Anaesthesia Fellow will be involved in a number of areas of obstetric care. These include:

    Fortnightly High Risk [Obstetric] Anaesthetic Clinic (HRAC)

    Obstetric PreAdmission Clinic (OPAC)

    Elective Caesarean section operating lists

    General Gynaecology and Gynae-oncology operating lists

    Birth Unit 

    Review of inpatient high risk obstetric patients

- They will also be allocated to a broad range of other surgical specialty lists throughout the year often involving complex medical patients.

- All fellows at Westmead undertake approximately 5 weeks of nights / year.

- Fellows are allocated one day of non-clinical time per fortnightly period for research, learning and teaching purposes. 

The fellow will also be involved with the teaching and supervision of junior anaesthetic registrars. The fellow will be involved in both bedside and formal teaching during the year. There is ample opportunity to be involved in research and audit projects in a supportive and enthusiastic environment. 

Multiple departmental members are part of the ANZCA Obstetric SIG and ACE (Anaesthetic Continuing Education) committees and are involved with the facilitation of continuing education meetings. 

- Ross Keen & Katie McCloy (PF)

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