Clinical Simulation and Education Provisional Fellowship 2018

The Westmead Anaesthetic department offers a one year Clinical Simulation and Education provisional fellowship which has been accredited by ANZCA. This position has been available since 2014 and is currently limited to one fellow per year.

The Westmead Simulation Fellow position has a strong emphasis on providing a hands on experience in key aspects of Clinical Simulation and Education such as: 

- Debriefing and Feedback

- Effective Teaching

- Principles of Medical Education

- Simulation-based education (SBE)

- Inter-Professional education

These skills are obtained through exposure to a broad range of projects and courses which are run by the Simulation Centre at Westmead  - SiLECT (Simulated Learning Environment for Clinical Teaching). Fellows will be part of the SiLECT Faculty, which is involved in teaching for a range of disciplines and levels of experience, including medical student and new graduate nurses through to senior critical care nurses and consultant specialists. The courses and education sessions currently run include:

- Westmead ALS Team Training Course

- In-situ ALS Team Training


- SMAART – Westmead Difficult Airway Course

- Westmead One Lung Anaesthesia Course

- Anaesthetic registrar teaching in theatre with SBE

- Trauma Team Training

- JMO teaching with SBE

- Medical student teaching with SBE

During the fellowship you will engage with a diverse range of staff and establish relationships with many departments in the hospital. 

The Simulation Fellow is allocated one protected day per week for Simulation to be involved in courses / education sessions and ongoing learning. The Fellow will be mentored by the  SiLECT Faculty members, with both individual and group tutorials on a range of topics including Principles of Medical Education, Debriefing Skills and utilization of Simulation Audiovisual Equipment. Every Simulation Fellow is also encouraged to develop and implement an educational initiative, for example, a course or program as their project for the year.  

Previous experience in simulation and education is not essential - we are looking for fellows with an interest in clinical education and quality improvement and who enjoy working in a team-based environment.

- Lorna Workman (PF)

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