Cardiac Anaesthesia Provisional Fellowship 2018

(Description pending update)

Westmead Hospital performs about 500 cardiopulmonary bypass cases per year. Up to two cardiothoracic theatres run per day; there is also substantial cardiac cath lab activity. There are up to two cardiac anaesthesia fellows at a time.

The job involves experience in cardiothoracic anaesthesia but concentrates on TOE for the first half of the year. The first four weeks are spent in the echo lab with sonographers and cardiologists learning the basics of TOE, TTE and reporting. You then spend about two days a week in a cardiac theatre plus one day in echo or the cath lab.

The consultant cardiac anaesthetists are all very enthusiastic about teaching and are all very proficient in TOE, with many also having an interest in medical perfusion. There is plenty of opportunity for informal teaching and tutorials from the cardiac anaesthetists, cardiologists and sonographers. There is a joint echo meeting once a month with the cardiologists and sonographers.

There is also the opportunity for research if you're interested, plus time to study for any relevant exams/courses relating to cardiac anaesthesia.

Dr Jo Irons 2011/Dr Jeremy Field 2015

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