Airway Provisional Fellowship 2018

Established in 2011 in response to a growing need for formal airway education in the form of workshop, simulation and animal lab teaching.

Westmead Hospital is a busy adult hospital that covers a wide range of specialties with a heavy acute workload. The clinical work is Monday-Friday plus long days and weekend days. There are 5 weeks of nights a year. Non-clinical is one session a week that is well protected.

You will be rostered to airway work including a flexible bronchoscopy list every two weeks (EBUS, cryobiopsies, bronchial valves etc). Rigid bronch lists are less common. There are lists for microlaryngoscopies, paeds dental and adult/IHC dental, ENT and elective Max/Fax list. Upper airway cancers cases with free flap repair occur sporadically.

Acute airway cases are common with head and neck infections and trauma. We support the Emergency Department and other specialties with difficult intubation patients. 

Non-clinical work will include a role in assisting in and conducting difficult airway education for trainees and involvement with the SMAART course and wet lab.

Research and audit opportunities abound and a major research project will be undertaken during the year. You will be involved with various other projects relating to airway resourses, training and equipment.

Highlights include:

- being part of a department that is passionate about airway management: we have a core group of anaesthetists who have instructed in various regional and national airway workshops. The ASA NSC 2011 airway workshops were conducted by our department. 

- being the first point of call when a difficult airway is identified 

- being familiar and up to date with a wide variety of airway equipment 

- being an expert in fibreoptic bronchoscopy 

- conducting tutorials and workshops for registrars and nurses 

- being involved in airway simulation training 

- being involved in the first Can't Intubate Can't Oxygenate (CICO) animal wet lab in NSW, and only the third in Australia 

- Ernest Wong & Daniel Wood (PF)

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