Clinical Trials

The department is currently participating in several clinical trials, and patients are welcome to ask to become involved. Some general information about clinical trials in medicine is covered in this segment from the ABC 7:30 Report.

Large international trials


Evaluation of Nitrous oxide In the Gas Mixture for Anaesthesia

This study aims to assess the safety of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in patients having surgery. Nitrous oxide can be used as a component of general anaesthesia, and has been given to millions of patients over the last 150 years. Nevertheless, there are theoretical reasons to re-assess its safety in patients with heart disease who are having surgery.


PeriOperative ISchemic Evaluation

This study will investigate whether aspirin and clonidine (a blood pressure medicine) can prevent heart attacks and deaths from heart problems around the time of surgery.


Vascular events In noncardiac Surgery patIents cOhort evaluatioN

This study will examine the causes of heart problems after major surgery. Heart complications are an important cause of complications after major surgery.

Local trials

Sleep apnoea and anaesthesia

This study tests a questionnaire to see if it can predict breathing troubles after general anaesthesia.

Spinal outcome survey

This is a large multi-centre prospective audit of the methods and outcome of spinal anaesthesia.

The IMAPP study

Intraoperative Methadone And Postoperative Pain

This study assesses whether giving patients methadone (a pain-relieving medication) during major abdominal surgery reduces the need for other pain medication afterward.

Six minute walk test

Patients with known heart disease, or risk factors for it (such as high blood pressure and diabetes) are at a greater risk of heart complications after surgery. This study will assess the ability of the six minute walk test to predict surgical recovery in such patients.

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